Exclusive: Sauerland on Groves’ WBSS chances, DeGale absence and future weight class wishlist

Joe Hewlett 06/08/2017


George Groves will make the maiden defence of his WBA ‘super’ super-middleweight title against domestic rival Jamie Cox on October 14.

The Londoner made it fourth time lucky as he dismantled Fedor Chudinov in the sixth round at Bramall Lane in Sheffield.

Kelle Sauerland believes his fighter must be considered as the front-runner for the World Super Series Boxing competition.

“I’ve got my tournament hat on but I’m a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and we’ve come along way together, it was a special night in Sheffield not so long ago, it’s barely two months old. I think George has got a cracking chance of going all the way. It’s a tough tournament but he’s the top seed and you’ve gotta look at him,” Sauerland exclusively told WBN.

“Let’s not mess around, this tournament is the biggest thing to happen in the super-middleweight division in a long time. I don’t often agree with what Mr Eubank Sr. says, but he’s hit the nail on the head when he stated, people who are not in it are suspect,’ it’s gotta be said.”

The only British casualty from the tournament is James DeGale and Sauerland believes he would have entered if he wasn’t injured.

“James would have certainly been involved if he was fit, put it this way, I don’t know any super-middleweights that have earned this effectively than they will in this tournament.

“If you look at the money aspect and platform aspect, in Monaco, just look at the Gala show they put on, it was more like being in the Oscars than boxing,” he laughed.

“The way the boxers picked each other was old school style, that’s what we want to see.”

The Muhammed Ali dedicated concept is set to end in May of 2018. Kalle refused to rule out other divisions joining the party.

“For sure there’s talks about season two but from my prospective and the sports prospective, it’s all about managing the process of the quarter finals first of all, which is eight fights back to back in eight weeks on the road with some highly talented individuals so I think we’ll focus on that for the moment.

“We’ll be watching what’s going on in the boxing world and see what weight classes work feasible again. I don’t rule out another one happening this year, it could be that good. It’s unlikely but nothings impossible. Let’s enjoy this lot first.”

Asked what weight classes were on his wish list, he replied:

“I love the middleweights and of course the heavyweights. That’s the ultimate aim with the Muhammed Ali trophy to get the heavyweights involved in the next couple of years.”

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