Exclusive: Kalle Sauerland promises diverse undercards for World Boxing Super Series

Joe Hewlett 05/08/2017


Kalle and Nisse Sauerland will work alongside Richard Schaefer to promote the hotly anticipated World Boxing Super Series tournament which begins in September.

The winner will revel in world title glory as well as lifting the inaugural and highly coveted Muhammed Ali Trophy.

Callum Smith will open proceedings in the super-middleweight competition as he commences battle with Erik Skoglund at the Echo Arena on September 16.

Kalle Sauerland has confirmed that each undercard during the series will include fighters from other stables.

“Sauerland’s is a completely different product and I’m employed by the World Boxing Super Series so Team Sauerland business goes on separately to that. This is not our company, we’re here to promote and we’ll put on the best shows possible in Europe. Richard Schaefer from Ringstar will be doing the same in the US,” Kalle exclusively told World Boxing News.

Sauerland emphasised the importance of including local domestic tear-ups to the shows and is expecting to announce more clashes for Liverpool.

A clash that will feature is a British duel between Zach Parker and Luke Blackledge in an eliminator for the Lonsdale belt.

“Blackledge v Parker is a great fight for the undercard, we’re going to be releasing a lot more to that card in the upcoming days – Almost a fight a day for the next week. They’re all going to be really good undercards but we’ll always have a local edge to it, always enforce that substitute, that reserve.”

Kalle, son of the hall of fame promoter, Wilfried, has promised the shows will represent uniqueness and originality for fans attending the venues across Europe.

“The biggest part of what you’ll see that will differentiate this from a normal boxing event is the set-up when you get inside. It’s the way you’re sitting in the venue and the way the floor is constructed which is inner circular and not a rectangular shape so you’ll immediately have a different feel to it.

“It’ll reflect on a gladiatorial past of boxing. They’ve done a real great job of putting it together and I can’t wait to see it live. It’s a big logistical operation with eight venues over eight weeks back-to-back.

“It’s great for boxing fans to know we are in trophy season and they’re going to get eight Saturdays where you know you’re going to find boxing,” he concluded.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95

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