Exclusive: Carson Jones says he’ll have no problems targeting Antonio Margarito’s suspect eye

Abel Sanchez / The Summit

American super-welterweight contender Carson Jones is just a few weeks away from sharing the ring with Mexican legend Antonio Margarito.

The 30 year-old, who has a road warrior reputation, faces the multi-weight world champion on September 2 in Chihuahua aiming to score the biggest victory of his career so far.

Margarito has made a comeback to the ring at 39 years of age, claiming two victories since ending his four-year hiatus, which was ultimately brought on following a long spell with eye troubles.

Asked whether he will be targeting the eye, which has still given Margarito some worries in his two return bouts, Jones was un-moved and simply focused on securing the win next month.

“I’m going to target and hit whatever there is to be hit. If one of the places happens to be the eye then so be it. I have a job to do and it will get done,” Jones exclusively told World Boxing News.

On whether Margarito should even be boxing with the ailment, Jones added: “I can’t say yes or no because the man has to make a living and I’m assuming boxing is really all he knows. But yes, sometimes you do have to look at the bigger picture and health is very important

“As of now, he needs to fight me first and then he can retire after,” he joked.

Obviously aware of Margarito’s reputation from his younger days, Jones admitted he hasn’t seen much of the ‘Tijuana Tornado’ since the veteran decided to give his career one more go.

“I really just glanced and the (Ramon) Alvarez fight and didn’t see the other one (against Jorge Paez Jr.)

“In all honesty, he was supposed to win those fights. But come September 2nd, he’s got another thing coming,” warned Jones.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay