If Pacquiao retires, Crawford could face Horn, says Top Rank’s Moretti

WBN 01/08/2017

Ed Mulholland

Top Rank’s Carl Moretti believes a fight between Jeff Horn and Terence Crawford is the most logical to make should Manny Pacquiao decide to walk away for good.

Pacquiao, 38, lost to Horn in controversial circumstances last month in Brisbane but has the option of a rematch from the original contract with Horn.

The Filipino could head backk down under in November to seek revenge but is thought to be considering retirement which Moretti sees as the catalyst to pit Horn and Crawford together.

“You got the rematch being discussed between Jeff Horn and Manny Pacquiao, so depending on what happens with that decision, it could impact Crawford in some ways or it could not,” Moretti told Jenna J at On the Ropes Radio.

“If Manny decides to retire, then Jeff Horn could look at a fight with Terence Crawford if that made sense for everybody.

“But like anything else, it’s tough to predict now what’s going to be the case four months from now. You just have to play it out on every angle,” he added.

Horn is a wanted man since announcing himself on the world stage and blowing an immediate clash between Pacquiao and Crawford out of the water.

Crawford, the king at 140 pounds, has to come through a unification with Julius Indongo imminently before the American is then expected to move up in weight.

On the subject of 147 pounds, Moretti stated it wasn’t yet a foregone conclusion for ‘Bud’ to join the welterweight ranks.

“He’ll make that decisions afterwards,” he confirmed.

“He makes 140 comfortably but he’s not just going to 147 unless there is a reason or a clear path, whether it would be a title fight or whatever it might be.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is his last fight at 140, I think we’ll sit down with him after the fight and see what he wants to do.

“I know there are a couple of mandatories that he’d have to go through because of them creating the exception to do this fight, but I wouldn’t say that this is necessarily his last fight at 140.”

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