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Home » David Coldwell impressed by Anthony Fowler progress, sees ‘the makings of a brilliant fighter’

David Coldwell impressed by Anthony Fowler progress, sees ‘the makings of a brilliant fighter’

Fowler, a prized amateur with stellar credentials, has raced to 2-0 thus far in his paid career and with the new season expected to bring a high number of shows as well as opportunities, Fowler will be aiming to bolster his ledger and pick up vital experience ever step of the way.

Trainer Dave Coldwell is working each day with Fowler and he’s relishing watching his charge make progress.

“This next season is a very important part in Fowler’s career,” revealed Coldwell.

“The fights should hopefully come thick and fast and he’ll be learning on the job then pretty much be back in the gym then back fighting again.

“You’ve seen first hand how these star amateurs have been brought on and Fowler will be no exception. He’s going to Liverpool for the first time as a professional and he’s a proud Liverpudlian who’ll want to put a good show on.

“Fighting in front of a home crowd can sometimes have it’s problems but he’s been listening to me well both in the corner and in the gym and it’s important the occassion and the crowd don’t get him and that he just sticks to the plan.”

Coldwell added, “His sessions in the gym have been great and I’m noticing so many big improvements already.

“His jab is what I’m concentrating on most and once he’s throwing that the way I want then I promise you that good things will happen.

“He’s putting so much effort into his jab and the results that I’m seeing give me a lot of confidence and when you combine that with his head movement and the way he’s throwing his power shots then you can see the makings of a brilliant fighter.

“His dedication and attitude to training is first class and I’m confident that with the right fights at the right time we can have some memorable nights in the future.

“For now, the focus is on September 30th and we’ll be looking for another impressive victory.”