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Can Conor McGregor actually beat Floyd Mayweather?

It is surprising to know that Mayweather, who’s bearing a glamorous 49-0 record, came out of retirement only to risk it all up to the Notorious. And even though the American boxer obviously has a minuscule fan-base compared to the Irish-hero image of McGregor, he still is the undeniable favorite to win the contest, putting McGregor to the eternal pits of being a “pure underdog.”

Team McGregor Plans a Big Punch to K.O. Floyd

Knowing that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has an undefeated professional boxing record and being in the sport for more than two decades, it makes perfect sense for anyone to say that he’ll reign supreme easily. 

However, Team McGregor thinks otherwise as they firmly believe that the Irishman just needs to land a single sweet big punch on Floyd’s hard-to-catch jaw. This would be enough for Conor to win a glorious knockout victory. As what McGregor says, “He’ll bounce off Mayweather’s head off the canvas and dribble that sh*t.”

Suggested Strategy to Snatch a Victory

But in knowing that the fighting style of Mayweather is a bit of a “catch-me-if-you-can” type of play, it’s a little bit hard for the 29-year-old UFC fighter to land that big knockout punch. One reputable boxing coach named Abel Sanchez says that this is what makes McGregor’s plans to go unsuccessful likely. 

Sanchez states that if McGregor proceeds with his tactics, he’ll most likely end up just chasing Mayweather until the game finished – to no avail. This would then lead to Mayweather winning every round on the judge’s scorecards. That’s what Mayweather is good or perhaps “great” at – running.

According to the 39-0 coach, what the Irishman should do is to throw punches at Mayweather instead whenever he can. He needs to drill him with whatever punch he can throw, be it soft, hard, a jab, an uppercut, or whatever his arsenal got, as this will gradually wear the 40-year-old boxer down as the rounds progress.

In simpler words, Conor McGregor needs to let go of his big one-punch-man philosophy and focus more on the volume of punches.  McGregor is known to be a hard puncher, and he’s proved that with his 13-second and 60-second knockout victory over Jose Aldo and Marcus Brimage. All of this happens while Mayweather is just simply good at running and winning fights with the judge’s scorecards.

This is what makes the two completely opposite, giving McGregor credit as he’s got the traits of a real fighter while Mayweather simply “runs.” With this, it’s safe to say that the volume over big punch strategy is most likely the one to prove the pundits wrong – that is if the Irishman can catch Floyd’s “cowardly escapes” and “promiscuous hugs.”

Conor’s Confidence Makes Him a Real Threat

The whole world just saw how great of a trash-talker McGregor is during the recently concluded May/Mac World Tour. Before any of these happened, Mayweather was undeniably a big mouth in the boxing world.

But now that he’s finally found his match, he’s clearly been devoured and destroyed by each of the Irishman’s witty phrases. Now, his inner core seems to shiver. McGregor has been great at this during his previous UFC fights, inflicting derogatory trash talks over his opponents.

It’s what makes him uniquely great in the sport’s “mental warfare.” Though analysts, pundits, and McGregor fans alike, see no hope for Conor to win the fight, it still is a bit logical to conclude that this wouldn’t be his downfall.

The way he speaks and forecasts the outcome of the fight is clearly more than just “marketing.” It’s more of a reflection of what he’s capable of.

Though every statistic and every part of practical reasoning dictate Mayweather is going to win, there’s still that glimpse of hope that the outcome will be a tremendously surprising one.

McGregor vs. Mayweather Fight: Who’s the Better Bet?

Floyd Mayweather is fighting in his sport, where he had fought in for more than half of his life. While McGregor bravely stepped out of his fresh 4-year UFC experience comfort zone as he fights his first ever boxing matchup.

The American boxer is undefeated at 49-0 while the Irishman has a decent 21-3 record. With this alone, Mayweather is worthy to be called as the likely winner of the contest. But as proven time and time again, unexpected things DO happen.

This lands him an initial -2250 favorite betting odds while McGregor was having +950. When the fight was officially confirmed, things start to overturn as Mayweather went down to -800 while McGregor rose to +500. This was before the World Tour. You can check out the latest Mayweather vs. McGregor expert betting tips to keep updated.

The odds are currently constantly changing as the two trade insults and curses in social media. As we close down on the fight date, it’s forecasted that the odds’ trend will continue.

It’s most likely going to shift to McGregor’s favor but in a gradual and unsatisfying change. More likely the odds will be around -500 for Floyd and +300 for Conor as we near Aug. 26. The odds as of July 27 are -600 and +400 with McGregor still as the underdog is most likely going to be until the fight.