Watch: ‘El Punto De Vista Magnifico’ with Israel Vasquez

Nancy Rodriguez 29/07/2017
WBC presented it’s first segment of “El Punto De Vista Magnifico” with hosts 3x World Champion Israel “El Magnifico” Vazquez and the Bible of Boxing, Miguel Angel Cebreros, Produced and Directed by Pepe Sulaiman. 
The World Boxing Council is supporting our great Champion in his venture to move with the times and start his own segment analyzing Boxing with his long time friend and very knowledgeable in Boxing, Miguel Angel Cebreros.
The segments will be every Thursday analyzing any upcoming fights and or reviewing past fights, they will have special guests as well as hopes to be LIVE as soon as the audience grows bigger.
This particular segment on www.youtube.com/wbcboxingvid goes over this weekends fight between Adrien Broner vs. Mikey Garcia.
We ask you to please support and share this new YouTube show and of course, give us your feedback! Here is this week’s show, check it out: https://youtu.be/VfvcwVqAkFE–
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