Exclusive: Joe Murray expects to face Lewis Ritson for British title

Joe Hewlett 29/07/2017


Robbie Barrett is currently preparing to make the maiden defence of his British title after ripping it out of the hands of Scott Cardle.

Following his stunning of Cardle, his next opponent will be a young, undefeated 23-year-old in Lewis Ritson.

One boxer who is keeping a close eye on the clash is Joe Murray. The lightweight is aiming to close in on facing the winner of the Battle of Britain.

He admitted he favours Ritson for the showdown.

“I think Lewis Ritson wins the fight. Robbie Barret has got a hard test, I can’t believe he took him as his voluntary but he’s a champion and credit he to him. He’s taking on a fighter who’s undefeated in Lewis Ritson which he didn’t have to take so he’s done well there,” Murray exclusively told World Boxing News.

“However, I favour Ritson but whoever wins will be facing me so I’ll be taking the belt from either one anyways.”

Asked for a preference of who he’d like to win, he said:

“Any of them. I was an Olympian, I can win in a couple of rounds. That’s why they call me ‘The Genius’ because I work people’s styles out very well. This is what I’m in the sport for. If I didn’t wanna fight either of them I wouldn’t be in it, simple.”

The fighter won the plaudits after sparking out an over-confident Rashid Kassem in 2016. His brutal KO went viral on social media with over seven million hits as he sandwiched the Dane with a deafening right hook to the jaw.

It was considered as the KO of the year. Murray expected his profile to rise after the acclaim but has since been fighting on small hall shows in Manchester.

“I went and boxed Kassem, who no one would fight at the time. He had a record of 11-0 and was calling everyone out, saying he was the next Naseem Hammed. I took the fight in his own backyard and knocked him out. I thought I’d be onto bigger things but I ended up back in Victoria Warehouse.

“Sometimes boxers don’t get the chance for big fights and for some reason my face doesn’t fit in.”

Murray knows that he can write his own Rocky script if he continues to persevere in his upcoming bout.

“For my next fight, I couldn’t ask for any better. I’ve been put on a show which is in my hometown with a big fight so it’s all going to work out well now. It’s all down to me to put on a big performance on ITV and I can then go for the British title,” he concluded.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95