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Des Newton promises Liam Richards stoppage this weekend

The ‘DEStroyer’ goes in search of his sixth professional victory and his third knockout on BCB Promotions’ ‘Summer Sizzler II’ show at the Guildhall, Plymouth, on Saturday (29th July).

Newton predicted the brutal stoppage of Andy Harris in his last contest and he has again promised to make light work of the experienced Richards. He admitted to being unimpressed with what he has seen of his Melksham-based opponent and he believes he will be able to stop the fight whenever he wants.

“Hopefully I can show a few more boxing skills in this fight but I will still get the stoppage for definite,” he told “I am putting that out there again.

“I am in against Liam Richards and he has only been stopped once. I saw the stoppage against Shakeeb Ali and it was a vicious knockout. If I stick to my boxing I know I will do the same.

“I don’t underestimate anyone. He is naturally the heavier man which I look forward to. He has had a few wins in his career but I know a lot of them came earlier in his career.

“As a fighter, I have to be honest, I am not that impressed. He makes everything difficult by grabbing and holding and running away and doing the Ali shuffle.

“The last person who did the Ali shuffle to me in sparring got knocked clean out.

“The eight round fights he has done were not against difficult opponents so when he does that against me with my ability and my power, he will find it very difficult to stay away.

“You can dance for a couple of rounds but not when you are being punished and eight rounds for him against me is a very big ask.
“It could go one of two ways. I could have him out of there early or it may go a few rounds. I don’t want to get criticised for banging him out early so we will see how it goes.

“I think he will be cautious because he saw how I demolished Andy Harris but it is eight rounds so he will have to come back with something, and when he does I will knock him out.”

The 29-year-old has changed his preparation for this fight and he is feeling the benefits and is hoping to give another eye-catching performance to his fans in the Guildhall.

“I am feeling spot on and I have changed my strength and conditioning completely for this fight and the results have been fantastic,” he continued. “The added power helps and also the training I have been doing with Jim has improved my timing which is a big improvement.

“Everything has gone brilliantly for this fight. I have been working with my trainer Jim Davidson as usual and sparring has been excellent.

“I have had around four or five different sparring partners and I have knocked out or severely hurt all of them.

“I was happy with my last fight and stopping Harris because it is one thing saying it and another thing actually doing it.

“I am so confident in myself but I am never fully happy with a performance and I know I can always do better.

“I lose my head a bit in fights and as soon as I buzz an opponent I just want to destroy them. I get excited because I have a lot of people watching and a lot of expectation on me.

“At the end of the day I am a novice still and I am still learning.”

The Devonshire pugilist wants to use this fight as a stepping stone to the Southern Area title and he wants to prove the doubters wrong and win a title as soon as possible.

“I have expressed my ambition and desire to go for the Southern Area title or the English title. I want to step up now. Everyone I speak to who knows nothing about boxing says that I am fighting bad people.

“It is all well and good saying that but it would be a different scenario if they were in the ring with them.

“I am happy to step up and I want that opportunity so hopefully Errol can go and get that for me. We want it on the big stage so that we can get recognised and we can increase my profile.

“I follow boxing and I study it a lot. Jumanne Camero fought Liam Richards and he went on to the Southern Area Title straight after and I would like to do the same.

“The fight against Camero would be one that I am really interested in.

“I feel like I am ready to take on anyone and I would take on anyone. I am 29 now and I will be 30 next year so I haven’t got time to mess about.

“If I am going to do it then I need to step up sooner rather than later and when I do get past Liam Richards hopefully the chance will be there to take that step.

“I am not here to make up numbers; I want to win something in boxing. I am proud of where I have come already in four years of boxing.

“Jamie Speight won a Southern Area Title recently and then he went on to fight for the WBC belt and they are the kind of belts I want to be going for.

“I want to get out on the big shows and win titles and I just want to get that shot now.”

Summer Sizzler II is sponsored by Grosvenor Casino Plymouth, who will again host the weigh-in and Aftershow Party.

Newton is joined by fellow Plymouth pugilists – super lightweight Darren Townley, and lightweight, Chris Adaway.

Newquay super middleweight Brad Pauls is also down for a second Guildhall appearance alongside Exeter welterweight, Faheem Khan.

Tickets are £30 or £60 Ringside and are available by calling: 07958 398 355. Doors open at 6:30pm with boxing commencing at 7:30pm at Plymouth Guildhall, Armada Way, Plymouth, PL1 2AA.