Malik Zinad returns to action in Belfast on July 29

Bailey Lalonde 25/07/2017

On July 29th of this year, Malta based professional WBF International Light-heavyweight Champion boxer, Malik Zinad will be competing in his 10th professional fight, going for his 10th win, in Belfast, Ireland.

He is scheduled to challenge tough journeyman fighter out of Amsterdam, Farouk Daku, who currently holds a record of 21 wins and 14 losses. This fight will be Zinad’s second internationally televised fight, held in the UK.

This will also be the Malta based international champion’s second fight with pre-eminent UK promotional group Cyclone Promotions, headed by former Featherweight World Champion Barry McGuigan and his son Blaine. On May 28th, Malik exploded on the international boxing scene with his memorable defeat of Cardiff champion, Jermaine Asare in a devastating knockout, only two minutes and eighteen seconds into the first round. The bout with Asare, held at Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales was Zinad’s first internationally televised fight.

This fight prompted Cyclone Promotions to negotiate a three fight promotional contract with Lalonde Boxing Management, representing Malik Zinad. Cyclone Promotions and Malta based Lalonde Boxing Management LTD, have agreed to terms for Malik to fight on either October 7th, or November 11th, for a Major Sanctioning Body Title Fight, ranking Zinad in World Ratings, making him the first Malta Based boxer to have attained such a high level of international scale success in the boxing industry.

Born in Tripoli, Libya on November 19th, 1993, Zinad was sent to Malta in 2013 by his family, as an 18 year old, in an effort to escape the atrocities occurring in his home land. Leaving his family behind, venturing to an unknown land as a refugee, Zinad found himself in Malta, with opportunity to compete in the professional boxing industry. As a child, Zinad was trained in boxing by his father as a self defense skill. Upon his arrival in Malta, he met former Light Heavyweight World Champion Boxer, Donny Lalonde. With Lalonde seeing many similarities between himself and the young athlete, the two decided to join in a management partnership.

Since the formation of their manager-athlete partnership, Zinad and Lalonde have won all 9 professional title fights in Germany, France, Wales, Malta, Hungary and Slovenia. Lalonde is in conversation with promoters and sanctioning bodies in the UK, Germany, the USA and Canada for upcoming title fights. Also in conversation and negotiation, are endorsement deals with a variety of brands both in Malta, and internationally, in Paris, Milan, Qatar and the United States.

There is a bright future on the horizon for this duo. Coming from a devastating situation in his youth, rising to the top of the international boxing industry, developed and based in Malta; there is much excitement in the near future for Malik Zinad and Lalonde Boxing Management, bringing Malta boxing to an international arena.