Jhonny Gonzalez pushing for shot at Miguel Berchelt’s WBC belt

WBC 25/07/2017

Jhonny Gonzalez retained his World Boxing Council super featherweight Latino title by knocking out previously undefeated Filipino Jessie “Jimdomar” Rosales in two resounding rounds in front of an appreciative crowd in Lienzo Charro in Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua.

A naturally left handed person who fights from a conventional stance, Jhonny hit Rosales with a picture perfect let hook to the head in the second round, sending him down hard to the canvass.

Looking shell shocked, as well he might, Rosales bravely if gingerly stood up to continue the fight.

Jhonny, confined and contained the fight in the center of the ring, waiting patiently for the moment to knock out the wary Flipino, who succumbed to a crunchingly well-placed hook to the liver.

This time, there was no way a wincing Rosales, was going to get up, and the Referee stopped the fight at two minutes and four seconds.

Jhonny notches 64 wins, with 54 of them by way of the knockout. He’s now aiming towards a hoped for attractive WBC super featherweight challenge against the champion Miguel Berchelt.