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Home » ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson says dumb a** ‘McConor’ (Conor McGregor) will get killed boxing

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson says dumb a** ‘McConor’ (Conor McGregor) will get killed boxing

The 51 year-old, who ruled the boxing world during the mid-1980’s, commented on the UFC star’s forthcoming clash with ex-pound for pound number one Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor agreed to Mayweather’s demand to make the contest under boxing rules in a bid to land a career-biggest payday, although Tyson says the Irishman has made a mistake.

“McGregor is going to get killed boxing,” Tyson said to the Pardon My Take podcast.

“I got mad because I thought they were going to use MMA rules against boxing because that’s what it’s all about: Can the boxer beat the MMA guy?

“McConor put his dumba** in a position where he’s gonna get knocked out because this guy’s been doing this all his life since he was a baby. McConor can’t kick and grab and stuff so he won’t stand much of a chance.”

“McGregor took the biggest sucker rules in the history of boxing,” he added.

At 28, McGregor has 12 years on veteran Mayweather, one of the only advantages any boxing purist could give ‘The Notorious’ in the fight.

A massive left hand and an unorthodox southpaw style are the other factors which could allow McGregor to be successful in the bout, whilst most see Mayweather as a massive favorite to win and potentially land his first bonafide knockout since Ricky Hatton in 2009.