Exclusive: Ex-WBC champ Shindo Go transitions from woman to man, Mauricio Sulaiman comments


News out of Japan over the weekend has seen the first case of a world champion boxer becoming transgender.

Shindo Go, a World Boxing Council flyweight champion from May 2013 until December 2014, has officially switched to a man and married a woman.

Reports state Go, 30, has also decided to retire from boxing and will be alerting the Japanese Boxing Federation of this decision.

With a new name, Go Hashimoto, as he is now known, would give the authorities an unprecedented ruling to make should the bantamweight make a future comeback.

Asked for comment on the situation and if he believes Hashimoto would be allowed to compete alongside the male competitors, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman exclusively told World Boxing News the following:

“This is a very delicate situation as it has to do with safety,” he said. “There are many medical studies and research that prove differences in the body between women and men:

– Size of cranium
– Bone structure in the neck

“Women are 80% or so more susceptible to suffer a concussion than men and all symptoms are much higher and more dangerous.

“These are facts and such is used by WBC to conclude 2 important rules:

– NO 3-minute rounds, TWO-minute rounds for women’s boxing.
– NO 12 round fights, Women must never fight over 10 rounds.

“There is a dramatic formula to this:

Dehydration + Fatigue + Heavy punch = High Risk of concussion

“The longer the rounds and the more rounds in a fight, the higher fatigue, and dehydration.

“With this being said, I can’t see the WBC allowing a (former) woman fighting versus a man as it would most likely be in normal rules of 3-minute rounds, etc…

“The WBC is looking into this topic and until there is no medical justification , the WBC cannot allow Shindo Go to fight versus a man,” Sulaiman concluded.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay