Negative response to official Mayweather v McGregor poster

Several different versions of the Mayweather v McGregor poster have been mocked up and released over the past few weeks until Showtime Boxing finally revealed the official version on Friday.

The response has so far been entirely underwhelming as the black and white split graphic is circulated through social and widespread media.

According to many, Showtime would have been better off sticking to either their first offering or the ‘MayMac World Tour’ effort sent out last week.

Here’s a look at all three so far:

Version One – Official fight announcement

mayweather mcgregor SHO 600#


Version Two – MayMac World Tour

mayweather mcgregor tour poster

Version Three – Official Showtime poster

mayweather mcgregor official poster

Removed from three mentioned, there was Team Mayweather’s original poster from way before the fight was even negotiated as TMT put the feelers out on whether the fight would gather the expected interest.

Judging by social media, the new poster is a letdown and either the World Tour poster or the original would have been prefered.

mayweather mcgregor original poster