Ricky Hatton hopes Conor McGregor KO’s Floyd Mayweather, doubts how it happens

Amanda Westcott

British Boxing legend Ricky Hatton would love to see Conor McGregor put an end to former opponent Floyd Mayweather’s undefeated record on August 26 but won’t be holding his breath for the outcome to happen.

Hatton, who lost to Mayweather via stoppage in 2009, the last time Floyd scored a legitimate knockout, remains on unsteady terms with the ex-pound for pound king so would love to see McGregor claim the spoils on August 26.

Like many though, and when dissecting Mayweather’s previous accomplishments, ‘The Hitman’ isn’t sure just how McGregor would go about recording a triumph of his own.

mayweather hatton 2009 GBP

“I’m a fan of Conor McGregor’s – I think he’s a character and I’ll love to meet him some day,” Hatton told BoxNation TV.

“But in terms of the fight, Canelo Alvarez couldn’t lay a glove on Mayweather.

“Oscar De La Hoya – the best technical boxer in my era – couldn’t solve the puzzle and even me with my hundred miles an hour style couldn’t do it.

“As good as a puncher he is in the UFC, this is a boxing match and I can’t see how Conor is going to solve the puzzle when so many of us couldn’t.

“I hope he knocks him out but I just can’t see it,” he added.

McGregor has been training hard and sparring another one-time Hatton foe in Paulie Malignaggi recently as ‘The Notorious’ bids to pick up enough know how to land that one shot he believes is needed to end the fight. 

Tickets are on sale from Monday for a blockbuster Pay-Per-View event expected to break all previous box office records and land both participants a hefty paycheck