MayMac Tour Round 4: McGregor wins the Mayweather expletive war

Joe Hewlett 16/07/2017

If the fourth and final edition of the world tour between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was to be classified, it certainly wouldn’t be rated as PG.

The two superstars of combat sports can certainly look back upon their arrivals of New York, Toronto, Las Vegas and London knowing they departed with the objection of promoting their super fight as complete.

Here’s some of the best quotes of the night between the pair with McGregor dominating proceedings:

“I’m 40 but I feel twenty,” Mayweather bragged.

McGregor responded: “And you act like your ten.”

McGregor: “Mate, you’re 40. Get that f***ing phone out of your hand, acting like you’re a kid. He was wearing high heels yesterday. Check the picture from yesterday and check it from the day before, proper high heels that b**** was wearing. You should have worn them on the first day you stupid baldy t**t.”

A classic McGregor demanded Mayweather to ‘sit down and shut up,’ before the crowd echoed the taunt back and forth throughout the night.

McGregor: “One, two, three… F**K THE MAYWEATHERS!”

Mayweather bounced back: “’Dana, me and you got the most money. Keep pimping this b****. Twenty-one years ago, me and you had a game plan. We’re the smart ones.

“We were going to take these foreign fighters and we were going to use them. We are some smart Americans and you’re out here with a quitter but I forgot you’re the pimp and this is your h**.

“You’re a microwave meal with a cheap-ass watch on – step your game up.”

“Looking at his watch, Mayweather concluded: “$1.4million, b****s!”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95