Shocker: Did Conor McGregor admit he’s going to lose to Floyd Mayweather? – Watch for yourself

Dana White’s video blog from Toronto has brought up a questionable remark from Conor McGregor as he squared off with Floyd Mayweather on the Budweiser Stage.

The 28 year-old UFC champion, who moves over to boxing for the first time on August 26, had previously offered to bet his purse at the Los Angeles kick-off.

On Wednesday, the subject then came up again at the face-off, with McGregor strangely responding to Mayweather saying, ‘I’ll bet you my money’ by stating, ‘I’m 28, I’ll bet it because I’m going to make it again. You ain’t gonna make it again.” 

McGregor’s comments, possibly in the heat of the moment and without thinking, seem to point to ‘The Notorious’ admitted he doesn’t mind losing the purse to Mayweather because he has time to win it back in the future.

Mayweather, if the highly-unlikely bet was ratified, would stand to walk away with up to a billion dollars if Pay-Per-View estimates are to be believed, whilst McGregor could then eye up the possibilty of enticing the boxer into the octagon.

Bookies have Mayweather a 1/7 on favorite to prevail next month, which is largely an unbackable price, although facing McGregor under MMA rules would be a completely different story.

Watch the video from White’s UFC vlog and skip to 7:45 to hear McGregor’s comments