Exclusive: Eubank Sr. talks Junior, Super Series and ‘Warrior’s Code’

Joe Hewlett 13/07/2017
Chris Eubank Jr.

📸 Mark Robinson

Chris Eubank Jr will make the maiden defence of his world title as he prepares to take on veteran Arthur Abraham.

Chris Eubank Jr will make the maiden defence of his IBO world title as he prepares to take on veteran Arthur Abraham.

The 27-year-old will then register into the prestigious World Boxing Super Series if victorious, taking his IBO super-middleweight championship with him.

The tournament includes fellow patriots George Groves and Callum Smith, in which Chris Eubank Sr. is adamant his son will silence the critics.

“Junior has the desire to prove it and I think he will have been very frustrated because over the years people have said, ‘he’s lucky and is only where he is because of his Dad!’

“So this gives him the opportunity to exonerate himself,” Eubank Sr. exclusively told World Boxing News at the London press conference.

‘English’ also couldn’t resist a sly dig towards Team Eubank’s competitors.

“After this, it is the super eight series which features the best super-middleweights. For any who are not competing in the tournament, they are what is referred to as in hibernation.

“They’re sleeping, taking a nap, they don’t want to be involved with the best being pitted against the best.”

Brighton’s most famous export gave WBN an insight into the definition of the ‘Warriors Code.’

“It’s following the code of God. You are always having integrity, doing as you promised. It’s based on honesty, in Junior, you are fighting a man who is walking with God.

“Or he is walking in truth so he’s training in such a way it is continous. The cycle is lifelong. When he is in that ring, he’s fighting with will, honour, it’s not skill or speed or ability, he’s using the prerequisites of a person who is applying himself to manners, morales, respect, trust patience, common sense, character, and dignity.

“He’s understands the power of love which is why he is following the instructions his father has instructed him to do, which is why he is in the position he’s in.”


Eubank refused to sympathise with Abraham ahead of Saturday’s encounter, predicting a night of woes for the ex-world champion.

“What I envisage is Abraham will be responsible for the beating he takes. There was a term used when I was learning to box in South Bronx, New York, and it follows:

“If you want my a***, you’re going to have to bring your a***, and when you bring it, I’m going to tear you up.

“Outside of the ring, we are gentle. The Warriors Code talks about how we are creatures of irony and how our genuine task is to ensure peace.

“We about not bullish, not bullies, not bolshie, we’re not big outside of a boxing ring. We about there’re very small, there is no way to fall but inside the ring. And we project that entertainment factor.”

Eubank concluded the interview in vintage style, belting out a classic remedy.

“After the fight, Junior will silently sing: How d’ya like me now? How d’ya like me now?”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95