MayMac Tour Round 1: Mayweather wins trash talk war, upstaged by McGregor’s ‘F*** You’ suit

Floyd Mayweather channelled his inner trash talker on Tuesday as the press tour began for his cross-codes clash with the usually outspoken Conor McGregor.

In recent years, Mayweather’s press conferneces have rather been a more drab affair as ‘Money’ pointed out his dominance of the sport and vast wealth as the media and his opponent duly listened.

Not this time though as UFC star McGregor was getting under Mayweather’s skin from the get-go. To missing his cue when to come out on stage, to dancing around to Mayweather’s entrance music and finally goading him in their first head-to-head, it was clear Floyd was holding something back.

After giving McGregor his five minutes at the podium, it was Mayweather’s turn and the former pound for pound king began to deliver a four-letter rant in unusual style.

Pacing up and down in something rarely seen before, Mayweather gave McGregor all he could handle verbally and sealed the war of words by having the Irishman’s microphone turned out throughout his speech.

McGregor then got his own back at the final staredown by claiming Mayweather was old and had lost it, although was hit back with consistent tap-out jibes from the boxing superstar.

When the dust settled and with Mayweather possibly sitting in his private jet with his feet up on his way to Toronto, close-up pictures then emerged of McGregor’s suit, which ‘The Notorious’ had mentioned during the press but nobody took literally.

A costly pin-stripe suit on first reflection actually had the words ‘F*** You’ sewn in over and over in a classic insult to Mayweather, whom he accused of being ‘f***ed’ as he could’nt afford a suit himself anymore.

‘You turned up in a f***ing tracksuit!’ yelled McGregor, before asking Floyd in a close-up moment if he even owned a three-piece these days.

The gloves are certainly off as the press tour conitnues.