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Home » Notorious: How one flush McGregor punch could mean egg on faces

Notorious: How one flush McGregor punch could mean egg on faces

A certain section of the media, who are dead against the fight, think Mayweather is robbing the public by fighting McGregor, whilst another portion see the contest as a completely one-sided affair.

Then there are those who support the fight without saying McMcGregor has any shot whatsoever and finally a collective who are content on keeping quiet to wait and see what transpires on fight night.

In the majority would be those opposed, alongside those who believe McGregor won’t even lay a glove on Mayweather for the duration. The latter seem to think either Mayweather will score the first proper knockout of his career since Ricky Hatton some years ago or ‘Money’ will dance and avoid McGregor making him look stupid.

At 40 and with almost two years out of action, it could be a dangerous prediction and will only take on flush shot to land by McGregor, making Mayweather take notice, for plenty of people to look rather silly.

Is it impossible that a skilled fighter and a champion in his chosen sport will not catch an aging Mayweather on the chin? – It’s not a hard question to answer, so it’s a wonder some are so ready to pigeon-hole themselves and leave the door ajar for one single blow to obliterate their theory.

Mayweather v McGregor will make money, people will buy it and it’s not going to be a boxing purists dream – that’s the reality, but it’s highly unlikely the stats will read as completely one-sided as predicted.

As a Mayweather KO is an outside bet, McGregor will have 36 minutes to prove those doubters wrong, which could be ample time for the Irishman to land one good punch considering the damage he can do in the octagon over a 25-minute period.

These kind of predictions, ‘he won’t land a glove on Mayweather’ are bordering on hysteria over a fight that is clearly unwanted in some quarters, although is here and has to be dealt with accordingly.

At the end of the day, two warriors will enter a ring and they’ll fight, so in my mind Mayweather and McGregor deserve to be given respect for doings so, no matter how fiercely against it those people are.

If fans want to see it, they will buy – it really is a simple as that. Even if it’s just forking out $99.95 to observe whether McGregor can actually find that silencing blow.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay