Daniel Franco update: Father Al receives $185k bill for son’s FIRST DAY of treatment

Stacey Verbeek

Al Franco has revealed a whopping $185,023.75 doctors bill for the FIRST DAY of treatment received by his stricken son Daniel.

Daniel was seriously injured on June 10 in his fight against Jose Haro and underwent surgery for two separate bleeds on the brain.

Those life saving operations for Daniel also come at a price though and Al is hoping people continue to support his Go Fund Me page, which has so far reached over $46,000.

“Well I’m happy to say daniel is doing well, he is pushing hard at everything they have him do,” explained Al.

“His balance is good enough for him to walk unassisted and can walk up two flights of stairs on his own. He still gets tired fast but he is improving. His voice isn’t there yet, we will see a ENT specialist this week.

“He is in good spirits and thanks everyone for their support. I am so grateful for all the prayers and sharing that has been coming our way. We still have a long way to go and i ask to please continue to share.

“Here is my bill for the very first day. So yes, please continue sharing.”

Franco, 26, was stopped in eight rounds by Haro in the 21st contest of his promising career but now faces a new fight that will need considerable help from the boxing community.

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