JM Marquez: Pacquiao should have finished Horn off, but judges, ref are to blame for ‘wrong decision’


Former world champion and Manny Pacquiao’s career rival Juan Manuel Marquez believes his old foe should have taken the initiative when Jeff Horn was in trouble after the ninth round of their clash.

Pacquiao beat Horn to a pulp, doing everything but dropping the Australian, before referee Mark Nelson threatened to pull Horn out of the fight in Brisbane on July 2.

The 38 year-old let him off the hook, and Horn went on to seal a unanimous decision despite looking beaten up at the end of the twelve rounds whilst Pacquiao was relatively unscathed barring two cuts on top of his head.

Marquez, who knocked Pacquiao out cold in their fourth meeting back in 2012, says the ‘Pacman’ had the fight in the palm of his hands in that tenth round and only has himself to blame for allowing the decision to be taken away from him.

“What surprised me was when he had Horn in bad shape in the ninth, and then he did not go after him in the 10th,” Marquez told ESPN Deportes.

“When the referee told Horn to show him something so he wouldn’t stop the fight, Horn came out with everything and at that moment Pacquiao was surprised, and also (trainer, Freddie) Roach was surprised.”

On the actual scoring of the fight, Marquez added: “Jeff Horn made a good fight but the judges were wrong, they were wrong again to give him the decision and the world knows,” said Marquez.

“People say that boxing no longer makes sense, but boxing is not to blame. You have to put the blame on judges who know that they should be doing their jobs well.

“There is no way that you can blame boxing, it’s the judges to the promoters and even the referee. The referee, for example, he never took a point (from Horn) for use of the head or elbow, those people are the ones that are ruining boxing.”