Gavin McDonnell returns to winning ways in Doncaster

Mark Robinson

It was a return to winning ways for Doncaster’s Gavin McDonnell against Simas Volosinas last week in Doncaster as he took the first step towards returning to title class following his loss earlier this year to Rey Vargas.

McDonnell is desperate to return to the lofty heights he experienced back in February and although the passage back there is likely to face sterner tests, his trainer Dave Coldwell was happy with how his charge rebounded.

“It was good to get him back in the ring again as we want to be back fighting for titles really soon,” said Coldwell.

“Gavin has had a few months off and he’s done a lot of positive reflecting regarding his loss to Vargas. A lot of people forget the jump he has taken in his career and he’s had to grow up really quick going from domestic to world class in the space of a couple of fights.

“The Vargas fight began horribly and Gavin made a slow start but he grew into the fight and he showed me things that give me a lot of hope for the future. He’s had his comeback fight now so I’m hoping we can all sit down now and try and get him back into the mix.”

Coldwell added, “There’s plenty of big fights out there for Gavin and he’s got a good set of people around him working hard to get him those opportunities.

“Last week was all about getting him into the ring and taking shots again and getting rid of any rust. He’s back to winning again and he enjoyed himself in there.

“People forget we’ve only been working together for a few fights but he’s took massive strides and he’s improving all the time.

“I’m liking what I see from him in the gym and I think people will soon start to recognise just how good he is.”