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Christian Montano signs contract with NOW Promotions

Montano of The Woodlands, Texas was a three-time national champion, and had a 43-2 amateur record, The 18 year-old Montano is managed by James Cooper and NFL All-Pro offensive Tackle, Trent Williams of the Washington Redskins.

“Everything is good. I get great sparring, and I have been focusing on my footwork as well as the little things,” said Montano.

Montano, who is set to finish High School, was juggling school and training as he turned professional.

“It was hard to do that. I missed some school, but finishing is important to me. I have been taken a couple Summer classes, and I will have my diploma in the next month.”

“I would love to fight twice a month and get to 10-0 by the end of the year. That way I can also be active and in front of crowds to build my fan base.”

Being with a management team that includes Williams, a five-time pro bowl selection, has been a positive influence on the 18 year-old.

“Trent sees me as being on a path to success that he has achieved. He guides me, and we have a great friendship. He has shown me how to be a professional and we have talks about hard work and getting to the top of our profession.”

Montano’s describes his style as diverse, and the eighteen year-old is looking to take care of business in the light heavyweight division, and he feels that he will grow into boxing’s glamour division.

“I am a boxer-puncher that has an aggressive and vicious streak that throws every punch with bad intentions. I am looking to be a major player at light heavyweight and I feel I will grow into a heavyweight. I want to change boxing, and bring excitement and entertainment back to the sport, and have people remember as the Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson of my time.”

Said NOW Promotions Joseph Dunkin, “Christian is a terrific talent, and I am thrilled to have him in the fold. He combines his ability with charisma, and he could be a big star in the sport for years to come. We will keep him busy, and develop him into a big-time fighter.”