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Home » Amir Khan targets the returning Floyd Mayweather after Aug 26

Amir Khan targets the returning Floyd Mayweather after Aug 26

The British star was on the shortlist before Mayweather eventually chose Marcos Maidana in 2014 and final opponent Andre Berto in 2015, having been linked to fighting the former pound for pound king for years.

Now Mayweather is out of retirement to face UFC star Conor McGregor, Khan says the ‘Money’ fight can finally be secured once August 26 is out of the way.

“When he beats McGregor, which I think he will, that fight can still be there. It really can happen,” Khan told Rueters.

“There’s still some big fights out there for me, Mayweather and (Manny) Pacquiao,” he added before giving his thoughts on the controversial boxing versus MMA encounter.

“It’s a business fight, one,” stated Khan. “Two, what’s going to happen now is it’s between boxing and MMA.

“At the moment, MMA and UFC is doing so many great numbers on TV, on pay-per-view. Boxing is doing OK but it took little bit of a dip. We are not getting the good pay-per-view numbers we used to.

“For now to combine both sports together is going to be greater for the sport of boxing than MMA.

“We hit a wall and we didn’t really do anything. Boxing never moved forward around the world, whereas MMA kept moving forward and got bigger and bigger and bigger.

“Boxing kind of stalled in my opinion and we needed something like this.”

On McGregor’s chances, Khan concluded: “You have to respect everybody that goes into the ring, you have to respect everybody who puts the gloves on. You have to fight in front of millions and it’s not easy.”