Exclusive: Savannah Marshall on Peter Fury training for Mayweather v McGregor bill, TMT move

Joe Hewlett 05/07/2017

Mark Robinson

Talented Savannah Marshall is the latest British woman to turn professional from the unpaid ranks.

The amateur star revealed she is currently preparing to make her pro birth and confirmed a huge announcement on where she will be fighting.

“I’m on the Mayweather, McGregor undercard for my debut,” Marshall exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I was meant to go out to America soon but because my debut is eight or nine weeks away I’m going to stay in the UK and train with Peter Fury.

“I’ll also do a few bits with my old amateur coach because if I go over there now it’s going to be a bit too much, in terms of trying to gel with everyone.

“I’m going to go out two weeks before and then take it from there. The plan was to move out there but it’s about what works for me really.”

Marshall has expressed her gratitude towards Peter Fury for agreeing to pick up the mitts and train her ahead of her opening bout on August 26.

“I’m training with Peter Fury during the week it’s brilliant. I’d really like to thank Peter for helping me, he’s got some much knowledge.

“Hughie and Tyson have been here in the gym now and again and it’s nice to learn a couple of new things, so it’s good.

“I’m going to be at middleweight, it’s too much a jump to go down, I haven’t made 59KG since around four years ago so I’m going to stay where I am.”

The 26-year-old was unveiled as a new member of The Money Team stable by the man himself, Floyd Mayweather.

‘Money’ announced the signing on May 18 and the first UK world champion from the women’s game has spoken about how it all happened.

“Basically, it was through a guy who I know called Sam Jones who had a meeting about other boxers in the UK and he asked me if he could drop my name in the mix and I then got told Mayweather Promotions were interested in me.

“I signed a four-year contract with Mayweather, so I’m hoping to win world titles,” she added.

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