Exclusive: ‘Buatsi a future star, reminds me of Holyfield’ – Galahad

Joe Hewlett 05/07/2017

Lawrence Lustig

Joshua Buatsi floored Cuba’s Carlos Mena three times to mark an impressive professional debut at London’s O2 Arena at the weekend.

The light-heavyweight won his long awaited debut, with the fight lasting less than two rounds.

Buatsi has already attracted many admirers including Sheffield’s own, Kid Galahad.

The featherweight believes the Olympic bronze medallist could be the best out of the class of 2016 from Rio.

“He’s suited for the pros and honestly, he might end up doing the best from all the Olympic squad,” Galahad exclusively told World Boxing News.

“There’s something about him, his style, the way he throws shots, everything about him. He’s definitely going to do something in the light heavyweight division. He’s the person I’m looking forward the most to watching.

“He’s very intelligent, some of the things I’ve seen him do in the amateurs are very hard things to do and he’s going to be massively hard to beat.”

In recent years there has been Olympians who have went on to become hugely successful with the likes of Anthony Joshua and James DeGale.

Whilst others like Audley Harrison, who won gold at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, have struggled to succeed in the transformation.

Galahad, 27, insisted it’s a mental battle with the longevity of rounds. He has no doubts on the credentials of Buatsi.

“It’s more of a chess-match, you’ve gotta have the patience and mentality. I think Buatsi has something about him where he can succeed, he’ll be hard to beat.

“He reminds me of like Evander Holyfield, his attitude and things I’ve seen him do, he’s gonna be good him with the style he has. he can also bang, he has the patience though as he doesn’t look for that one punch knock-out,” he added.

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