Exclusive: Kid Galahad expresses concerns over Collins v Benn III

Joe Hewlett 04/07/2017

In several news interviews last week, Nigel Benn sensationally claimed he was stepping out of retirement at the ripe age of 53 to take on Steve Collins, aged 52.

The pair fought each other twice during 1996, with Collins emerging victorious in both.

It has caused a split divide in opinions from the boxing fraternity and British contender Kid Galahad has admitted he is concerned about the fight potentially taking place.

“It’s not like he’s (Benn) fighting a young lion, they are pretty much the same age and both been out for how many years. If they both think they can do it fair enough. I’m not sure if it will do big numbers as boxing has changed,” Galahad exclusively told World Boxing News.

“They won’t be as big as they were back in their day and it doesn’t make sense to me but they may be going back in the ring because they miss fighting. For me boxing is a dangerous sport, anything can happen at any time and they’re not young lions anymore so both of them must be physically and mentally ready.

“I don’t understand why they’ve come back, it isn’t like they’re going to make any money. They should just do a charity fight.”

Galahad was quick to explain the differential changes of the sport in today’s climate compared to the level of boxing two decades ago.

“The boxing nowadays is different compared to their days and hitting the bags and pads are different to getting out there fighting.

“They may be feeling good in gym but when they get in the ring it’s a different thing. The thing with boxing is, it’s not as entertaining maybe as it used to be but the level has completely changed, fighters have changed and everything is different now.

“The basic level is very high. In football, if you look at the Maradona and now Cristiano Ronaldo, could Maradona have done what he done then, now? It’s exactly like boxing.

“They’re bigger, fitter, more conditioned, and people may have been tougher mentally in those days but physically it’s all different.

“Look at Marvin Hagler and Golovkin. Some say Hagler would have beat GGG but would he of? Golovkin is a big strong middleweight who can take a shot whilst Hagler probably would have been a welterweight in today’s size.”

Despite Benn stating his intentions to lace the gloves up one last time, the BBBofC don’t seem to be in favour of sanctioning the fight. If that is the case, then both will have to look elsewhere.

A Luxembourg license, as with David Haye v Dereck Chisora in 2012, could be a likely destination if they fight even gets off the ground.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95