Exclusive: CounterPunch director Bulger wants compulsory boxing in US schools, considers UK sequel

Joe Hewlett 04/07/2017

Jay Bulger has pinpointed the need for boxing to become compulsory in schools to prevent future crime issues within communities.

The Counterpunch hitmaker has insisted if people knew how to protect themselves, there could potentially be less problematic cases down the line.

“Boxing should be compulsory at schools and kids should grow up knowing how to fight and for better or worse, maybe there’d be less violence in the streets if people knew how to fight,” Bulger exclusively told World Boxing News.

Bulger was also quick to insert the worrying factor of a large denominator of young kids who have swapped the streets for video games.

“I was watching a movie on New York City during the depression era and there’s all these kids on the street playing stick ball. Kids aren’t even playing on the street anymore, they’re inside playing video games, let alone boxing.

“It’s too hard and it’s an immigrant sport, a sport for the poor and the immigrants of today are Mexican’s and Spanish. It’s surely as Bernard Hopkins said that a middle upper class white kid doesn’t need to do it because you need to be desperate – even if that’s just for affection.

“The thing I tried to highlight was the lack of gyms or free gyms around because kids who box can’t afford $150 per month memberships – It’s just not on the cards.”

“If I had to do a sequel, I would make it about the state of UK boxing, there’s been a real renaissance. They have more world champions than the US with a population of a hundredth smaller so whatever is happening in the UK, I hope happens here.”

As appetising as a sequel seems, it will be a while off regardless with Bulger currently in production of his latest film.

“I’m making a scripted movie in Iran and just got back from shooting it. I’m hoping people who watch the film will realise the poverty around and how we don’t need to go to war. It’s more a political social piece,” he added.

Counterpunch is currently available to watch on Netflix. To watch the official trailer, click here.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95