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Home » Ivan Dychko: Kazak giant heads to USA for pro run with Henry Rivalta

Ivan Dychko: Kazak giant heads to USA for pro run with Henry Rivalta

The team proudly announced that they reached an agreement with the decorated amateur fighter Ivan Dychko to develop his professional boxing career in the United States.

Ivan Fyodorovich Dychko 26 years old 6’9″., Was born August-11-1990 in Kazakhstan. He is an award-winning amateur super heavyweight. Best known for winning the bronze medal in 2011 at the World Championship and at the Olympic Games in 2012 and 2016.

Henry Rivalta and Ziya Aliyev now managers of Dychko, are excited about this deal and are hoping to debut Dychko very soon in the USA.

“Ivan is one of the best fighters in this weight; his performance in London was wonderful. He defeated German Erick Pfiefer 14-4 and Canadian Simon Kean to win the Bronze medal. Ivan lost 13-11 in the semi-finals of the Olympic games In London against Anthony Joshua in a close fight against a great champion like the British warrior” said Rivalta.

“It’s an honor for me to be part of Dychko’s team” Rivalta said. “I want to thank Elvis and Ziya for all their efforts in making this a reality and their trust in my work and experience. I want to thank the Kazakhstan federation for trusting in us and want them to know we will surely make them proud. We will develop first ever HW Champion from Kazakhstan. This kid is special wow is he BIG and can fight his ass off. He has tons of experience and has faced all types of talent from all around the world.

He reminds me of the Klitchkos very quiet humble yet happy and professional. Smiles every now and then but overall just means business. He has a daughter 3 yrs old he left behind for now to fulfill his dream and it’s my duty to make sure he does and gets his wife and daughter here with him.

Henry Rivalta will represent Ivan Dychko as his manager during his professional career in partnership with Ziya Aliyev and Elvis Besiel. Ivan Dychko arrived last week in Miami Florida and he met with his representatives to sign his managerial agreement.

We are working on a promotional deal and should be in play soon we will also announce this news. We are under negotiations. I have had calls from many promoters who hear things. In boxing word travels extremely fast. However, we will make the best decision for our fighter very shortly.

This was a long hard negotiation but at the end it all worked out. Ivan is a humble hard working Giant. He has amazing skills and I feel he will be a great pro and definitely will become heavyweight champion of the world. Soon I will announce our newest additions but for now United States meet and welcome Ivan Dychko to our country. He is deserving of this dream he has to become Heavyweight champ I’m only happy to help lead the way in this journey.