Punch stats show Pacquiao landed almost DOUBLE Horn’s blows, still lost fight via UD

Pacquiao v Horn 02/07/2017

According to ESPN statistics from Saturday night, Manny Pacquiao was able to outland Jeff Horn by almost double as the pair fought it out for the welterweight title.

Pacquiao, 38, eventually lost a unanimous decision to Horn in the challenger’s hometown of Brisbane, whilst WBN scored the contest 116-111 in the champion’s favor.

A crunching of the numbers shows the ‘Pacman’ connecting with 32% of his 573 blows, with Horn only able to be successful with 15% of his 625.

Horn was out-working Pacquiao, which could have been deceptive, although Pacquiao was by far the more accurate of the two and has big claims to gaining the decision.

Compubox, regular providers of statistics to WBN, tweeted the following during the fight:

‘Punches in 1: Horn 9/56 Pac 10/34…Horn 8-6 edge in power landed.’

‘Horn with a 9-7 edge in power in Round 6.’

‘Thru 8: Horn is the aggressor throwing 52 punches a round but not accurate (16%)’

‘Pacquiao going for broke in Round 9 landed a fight-high 30/79 total punches.’

‘After his big Round 9, Pacquiao follows it up with just 12/44. Horn connected on 9/63.’

‘Good news: Horn threw a fight-high 67 punches in the 12th. Bad news: landed just 8. Going to the scorecards for.’

‘Manny Pacquiao out landed Jeff Horn in 11 of the 12 rounds. Pacquiao out landed Horn, 182-92.’

Memories of Pacquiao’s sickening scoring loss to Timothy Bradley came flooding back once the cards were read out, but in all honesty, the eight-weight world title holder of a few years ago would have had no problem taking Horn out or winning wide on the cards.

Pacquiao has a big decision to make as the contract for a return dangles in front of him.