Jeff Horn, Manny Pacquiao fight Wikipedia pages vandalized by irate fans over scoring outcome

Benjamin Watt 02/07/2017

ESPN / Top Rank

Both Jeff Horn and the Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn Wikipedia Page was under attack today from frequent vandalism.

What seem to be an epic battle about to begin, vandalism started happening all across Jeff Horn and the events Wikipedia pages before the fight even began. Changes were made on the event wiki page including:

Donald Trump vs Isis, Dionesia Pacquiao vs Jeff Horny, Boy kangkong vs. Kevin Duling, billed as “Battle of the Bad breaths”, 4’5 Pac Man, Manny fight record to 0 – 58 – 2 and Jeff “King Kong Jr” Horn with this all being before the fight even began.

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After the fight had happened a second surge of trollers happen but this time on both Jeff Horn’s page and the event Wikipedia page. More edits included:

Brisbane rigged city, Battle of the Rigging, Horn robbed the decision, changing the decision to horn losing, Horn won via cheating ass refs they cheated my guy deadass, Win but did he?, 16 – 1 – 1 on Horns record, landed half the punches as his opponent and many more.

Senior Wikipedia editor and Boxrec editor Benjamin Watt, spend over an hour after the fight battling off persistent Vandalizers before admin staff change the wikipedia pages to protected mode.

Watt commented “This isn’t the first time I seen a surge of vandalism, I remember earlier this year when WWE Wrestler Jinder Mahal, won their WWE World title, and the vandalism on that was much worse than this.”

Both Pages are currently on temporary protective mode, however if a new surge of vandalizer happen, it is more likely the change will be permanent which is similar to what Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have on their pages.