Exclusive: Cam F. Awesome has no plans to turn pro following CounterPunch role

Joe Hewlett 01/07/2017

One of the main stars of Counterpunch, Cam F. Awesome was focused on by creator, writer and director of the film in Jay Bulger as he attempted to qualify for the 2016 Rio de Janerio Olympics.

Towards the end of the film, it was stated that Awesome would not pursuit a move into the professional ranks after his heart-breaking failure to make the Olympic team.

Despite the anti-climax, Awesome has ended up with a fairytale of his own as he informed WBN of his new direction.

So, what is Cam F. Awesome’s next move?

“Cam F. Awesome’s next move is making the transition into a fulltime speaker. I’ve been doing a lot of keynote and motivational speeches at events, I would like to support myself with financial stability. As much as I love boxing I’m coming to a point where at 28 where I’d like to start a family and support myself which you can’t really do on a boxing salary,” Awesome exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’d love to continue to pursuit it, fighting and winning the National each year. Maybe I will carry on in the National’s just to help my ego,” he joked.

The 28-year-old has an impeccable amateur pedigree with over 200 wins in the ring. His victories have helped him achieve many titles, including the Golden Glove, Ringside National Championship and U.S Men’s National.

However, if there is one thing Awesome has learnt above all else, it’s resilience.

“I realised everything I’m known for is for the things I’ve lost. I do it (boxing) to win things and be successful but I’ve been successful in losing just before the Olympics and it’s because of my resilience I’ve continued doing what I’m doing and it translates to the rest of life.

“I do public speaking but I do stand-up comedy as well so if I bomb then I can get off stage and know one day I can look back at this and know it’s a great story to look back on so I have to keep on going,” he added.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95