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Home » Shocker: Nigel Benn, 53, Steve Collins, 52, agree to third fight 21 years on from rematch

Shocker: Nigel Benn, 53, Steve Collins, 52, agree to third fight 21 years on from rematch

Benn had been hoping to land another clash with Chris Eubank for the past few years but has turned to Collins after becoming frustrated with his nemesis.

The pair are planning to apply for licensing by the British Boxing Board of Control, although are willing to seek sanctioning elsewhere in a bid to get the fight made.

Despite both being in their 50’s, Benn and Collins beleive they are still in sufficient shape to make for an interesting scrap.

“It’s about the final chapter, it’s about closure,” Benn told BBC Sport.

“I was going backwards and forwards with Chris and I thought: ‘I wouldn’t have a problem with Steve.’ So I asked him if he wants to fight. He said yes. No mucking about.”

On his amazing fitness, which has been documented through social media on many occassions, Benn added: “I’m not angry any more and I can have everything I ever want. I am Nigel ‘Benjamin Button’ Benn. I feel like I am in my thirties.”

Unlike Benn, who still has something to prove, Collins admitted a decent payday is the main catalsyt for a trilogy fight.

“It’s just about money, a payday which will allow me to buy some more land,” Collins told the BBC.

“I have no problem for Nigel. I have a lot of respect. I like him (but) I am not fighting a 20-year-old-guy. I’m fighting someone the same age as me. There’s no disadvantage to anybody.”

Collins also pointed out he expects to be passed fit to fight.

“I get medicals every year and the most impressive part is my MRI. ‘Excellent’ was how the neurosurgeon described it. I’m very healthy and very fit,” the Irishman added.

Their first two fights both went the way of Collins, who defeated Benn fourth round TKO in July 1996 before a sixth round retirement of ‘The Dark Destroyer’ a few months later.