Exclusive: McGregor to get ’embarrassed’ as Quillin backs Mayweather decision

Joe Hewlett 29/06/2017

As previously announced, Floyd Mayweather is set to take on UFC king Conor McGregor on August 26 in Las Vegas.

‘Money’ Mayweather has been lambasted with criticism within the boxing community for his decision to fight McGregor but Peter Quillin has gave his backing to his fellow-American.

“I’m form the same city in Michigan as Mayweather and then I moved to New York City so I guess it’s kind of similar deploy as when he moved to Vegas and look where he’s at now. It’s good to see a progression with somebody able to make money,” Quillin exclusively told World Boxing News.

“A lot of people talk negative about Floyd. At a time under Muhammed Ali, he made it the Muhammed Ali era, the things he did outside the ring – He didn’t go to war, did you know they hated him for all those sorts of things?

“Now Mayweather has made some of the most money a boxer could ever dream of and now they just bash him. It’s crazy ‘cos I don’t believe a person can honestly lose in being their self and as long as you’re not trying to be other people, you’ll never lose who you are but if you try to be somebody else, you’re always trying to look to find yourself.”

Since the days of Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Mike Tyson, boxing has entered a new era spearheaded by Mayweather and Quillin believes money is an obsession not just within the boxing fraternity, but also in society.

“We are living in a Mayweather era where a lot of guys idolise that because a lot of guys are money driven.

“Jesus Christ is one of the biggest divisions in the world. People put this expectation on him but if he was a rich man and had all the money then I think a lot more people would be following him than they do today. Money is the biggest division and confusion in the world, whether you’ve got it or don’t have it.”

‘Kid Chocolate’ also welcomed McGregor’s decision to enter the squared circle by adding: “The likes of James Toney went over to UFC and got their ass*s whipped so why not get the biggest MMA star to come over to boxing at the highest level and get embarrassed?”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95