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Home » Pacquiao on Mayweather rematch: If there’s a chance, I’m willing

Pacquiao on Mayweather rematch: If there’s a chance, I’m willing

The 38 year-old Filipino Senator has made one thing clear during media formailites this week, he is open to a Floyd Mayweather rematch in the strongest possible terms.

After trainer Freddie Roach had mentioned Mayweather on a couple of occasions previously, Pacquiao stated this on the possibility of a second bite of the Mayweather cherry: “If there’s a chance, why not? I’m willing.

“But let’s focus first for this fight. We don’t want to underestimate Horn thinking about another fight. This fight is not done yet.”

Asked how he feels about the task at hand, he added: “I know my body. I’m ready. I’m not underestimating. I’m not taking him lightly. I’m working hard.

“That’s why we did a lot for this training camp. I know what he’s feeling – being there, being the underdog.”

On a final note and in response to the fact that Horn is a part-time school teacher, Pacquiao stated confidently: “All I can say is it’s good he’s a teacher (but) I’m a teacher in the ring.”

Pacquiao is on the first leg of a proposed world tour, according to promoter Bob Arum, but would need to halt any more stops should the call come from Mayweather after his fight with Conor McGregor.

Mayweather faces the UFC title holder on August 26 in Las Vegas, a fight that is rumoured to be capable of overthrowing the Pay-Per-View record achieved by ‘MayPac’ in May 2015.