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Opponent change for Tim Tszyu on July 22

“I can confirm Nathan Webber withdrew from the bout and it’s a simple breach of contract,” Promoter Brendon Smith said.

“There was no injury cited so it’s very disappointing and unethical.

“I’m calling on the ANBF to take disciplinary action against Nathan Webber – what he has done is wrong.

“We’ve invested in Nathan Webber, promoted his name and given him a big opportunity but despite all efforts he’s refused to honour his contract and fight Tim Tszyu on July 22.

“On June 10 in Brisbane after he scored an impressive victory at Mansfield Tavern he boldly told the crowd how he was going to stop Tim on July 22 and explained how he didn’t hesitate in taking the fight because it’s a fight he know’s he can win and would be a big boost to his career.

“What’s changed since then and now – only Nathan knows the answer.

“It’s very disappointing however I have to thank the Tszyu camp for their understanding and acceptance of the situation and willingness to work together to secure a replacement opponent.

“Townsville’s Chris Khan was very keen on the bout and it presents a new challenge for Tim.

“He was preparing to face Nathan at middleweight now he will take on Khan in a 75 kilogram catch weight bout.

“It’s a really good fight.

“Chris had an outstanding amateur career winning State and National honours and in the pro’s he’s shown a willingness to take on all comers.

“After winning his debut fight by knock out, he stepped up and faced hot prospect Reagan Dessaix and scored a draw against Reuben Aiono who only has one loss in a six fight career.

“Chris also comes from the strong Greg Hooper camp so he’s well credentialed.”

Chris Khan and his trainer Greg Hooper are well aware of the hype around Tim Tszyu, however they’re not fazed and like their chances on July 22.

“We took this fight because Tim hasn’t really fought anyone with any experience,” Greg Hooper said.

“He’s gone seventeen rounds in five fights.

“Chris has gone thirteen rounds in three fights and against a far better class of opponent where Tim’s opponents have been hand picked to give him experience without testing him.

“He isn’t his father so we’re coming down there with the intention of beating him.

“Chris had a few years out of the ring following the birth of his son, we’ve had three bouts tentatively locked in only for the opponent to withdraw.

“We respect Tim for taking this bout however he’s going to find out Chris is too hard for him.

“This is the only way Chris will get noticed.

“Chris has a great chin and reasonable power.

“He will blow Tim away in the later rounds after he feels a real punch from a real fighter.”

Chris Khan added: “Tim is standing between me and a shot at a title belt so Tim will have to go.

“Others won’t fight me so when I get into the ring against Tim I will be showing that I have the goods and they will have to take notice of me.

“Tim is just unlucky – he’s in the way of my dream so he has to go.”

Despite the distraction Tim Tszyu has continued to train and prepare for July 22. As part of his preparation he has spent time in a Russia in a training camp under the guidance of his famous father Kostya.

“Yes we have some difficulty with fighters and cancellations but as a team we quietly work through and keep the ball rolling,” Tszyu’s manager Glen Jennings said.

“We are keeping him busy fighting nationally and internationally as he moves forward in his career.

“Tim is thankful that we have a replacement and he is looking forward to putting on a good show in Toowoomba for the fans.”