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Mayweather v McGregor: How the stats compare

A statistical analysis from bookmakers bwin reveals how Mayweather and McGregor compare, the weaknesses that both fighters should target, and who really is the money man in the ring.

Will McGregor’s stamina hold up over 12 3-minute rounds? Will it need to, if Mayweather’s defence can be exposed by McGregor’s southpaw stance?

Topline stats from the tale of the tape from the two fighters’ last 10 fights are:

Mayweather has successfully landed 44% (1,953) of 4,443 punches/strikes, while McGregor has successfully landed 48% (473) of 993
Mayweather’s opponents have successfully landed 20% (1,035) punches/strikes, while McGregor’s opponents successfully landed 43% (370)

Both Mayweather and McGregor successfully land 5.8 punches/strikes per minute

Mayweather fights last 33 minutes and 36 minutes (all but Ortiz in 2011 have lasted 12 rounds), McGregor’s last 8 minutes 8 seconds

Exposing each other’s weaknesses:

Mayweather vs Southpaw – 56% of Mayweather’s southpaw opponents have avoided being knocked out compared to only 45% of orthodox opponents
McGregor vs longer reach – three of McGregor’s four worst defensive fights have been against opponents with a reach greater than or equal to Mayweather

Both men consider themselves to the biggest money men, and stats back it up:

Mayweather has been involved in the 3 biggest PPV (in terms of viewers) – Pacquiao, De La Hoya and Alvarez
McGregor has been involved in 4 of the top 5 biggest PPV (in terms of viewers) – Diaz, Diaz, Aldo and Alvarez

Stats courtesy of Bwin