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Ryan Aston new and improved ahead of July 23 outing

The 26-year-old will appear on BCB Promotions’ ‘Sunday Best’ show at the Copthorne Hotel, Dudley, on the 23rd July and ‘Tank’ told BCB Promotions he has redeveloped himself as he continues to search for the elusive Midlands Area Title.

He said: “This is a new me now. I have changed the way I go about things. It is a case of staying relaxed and keeping my eye on the target. I want to keep disciplined and stick to the game plan.

“I am focusing more on my defence now and keeping that all nice and compact. I want to throw punches that leave me with minimum risk and have maximum effect when they land. That is boxing in a nutshell and I want to focus my game plan on that.

“I don’t mind when I get another title fight. I have been there before and I know what it is all about and this is just about getting back to the level I was before.

“I have had some difficult times in my last title fights and I have had my reasons for the losses but that is boxing, it is a great sport but a cruel business. It is what it is and hopefully now I am a different fighter I can get the victory if I do get another chance at a belt.

“I just want to fight and stick to the process that we have been working on. I have been working on this process for around three months now and I can feel it paying off. I can see little improvements in my whole boxing game.

“I am coming to the ring with a plan now and it has all been thought out and measured. Every time I get in the gym and I am sparring I am focused on the plan and this process will not stop until I get to where I need to.“

The southpaw has fought in four title fights in his career and has been unsuccessful in each of them. But despite his frustrations he has never given up, even when those around him had thought about throwing in the towel.

He said: “I never thought about walking away from boxing. I left my old manager because he was like a second dad to me and he didn’t want to see me getting hurt. But I am young and very hungry and there was no way I was thinking about leaving.

“He suggested that I quit and for me then that was when I had to change. If someone doesn’t have the faith in me that I have and the positive thinking then they are not the best people for me to be with.

“I have to love the haters and love the people that want to see me fail. They spur me on and make me want to succeed even more. I am still only 26 and I know I have so much yet to give in the sport yet.

“I am feeling immeasurably better after changing things up. I am so much more positive now with the way I go about my boxing and the team I have around me are very positive and they are always behind me. It is great to have that and it is where I want to be.”

The Dudley pugilist started the rebuilding process in his last fight in April and he wants to keep the momentum going with this fight.

Aston is fully focused on his goal and he feels there are plenty of options open to him to have another crack at a title.

He said:

“I thought I did well in my last fight. It was only four rounds but the kid was tough and he came to have a go but I didn’t feel troubled at all. I was expecting him to give me more trouble than that but in the end I was bullying him around the ring.

“It was nice to get back to winning ways but I do like the longer rounds and I would prefer to be having eight round fights.

“I am always motivated regardless of what the fight is. I don’t think there is anybody more dedicated than myself and I don’t think there is anybody who puts in more effort than me. Boxing is all psychological for me.

“When I am training I am thinking that they are also training and when I’m not training I’m thinking he is training. I treat every fight as a title fight so there will be no worries about me being motivated.

“I will be training for this like it is a 10 rounder fight just so I know I have the fitness in the bag if I need it. If I got a call to say that I have a 10 round fight in eight weeks I would take it and I would be more than ready.

“After this fight I will sit down and have a talk with Errol. There are opportunities for me there for sure. There are lads that are fighting for the Midlands title soon such as Tyler Denny and Tom Stokes so there are a few lads in the mix.

“I don’t really mind what happens. As long as I am progressing and stepping up the rounds and opponents then I don’t mind as long as it is taking me back to where I need to be.”

Tickets are priced at £35 for Standard unreserved tickets or £60 ringside to include a two-course Sunday Lunch. They are available by calling 01384 482 882 or by calling the boxers direct.