Exclusive: Ricky Hatton discusses Darryll Williams link-up, excited by buzz around the gym

Joe Hewlett 26/06/2017


Darryll Williams is currently preparing to defend his English title in a rematch against Jahmaine Smyle at the Copper Box.

The super-middleweight edged his opponent out via a split decision in April and will once again go to battle with Smyle on July 8.

The undefeated fighter has decided to join up and appoint Ricky Hatton as his trainer and the British legend is optimistic of what the future holds for the Londoner.

“The last fight was a great one as I don’t think many people expected him to win the fight and since winning the title he’s come on board with me,” Hatton exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I spoke to his manager Micky Helliet, who just turned around and said, ‘Darryll needs a change, would you be interested in training him? I think your type of training will be up Darryll’s street bearing in mind his style.’ So, I replied and said no problem, bring him down, let him have a look at the set up and see how it goes – And ever since, we’ve gotten on like a house on fire.

“He’s real fun to train, as hard as we train, we do have a good laugh and don’t take ourselves too seriously and when we can, we do have fun. There’s a good team around here who are all unbeaten.

“Being around six or seven unbeaten prospects, you can imagine the atmosphere in the gym. Everyone is working hard as they all believe they can be champions and they can ‘cos they’re all unbeaten and it’s rubbed off on Daryll.”

Hatton-trained Chris Blaney defeated Darryl Sharp at the weekend in Dublin’s National Stadium to extend his record to 7-0-0. The ‘Hitman’ expects his winning ways as a trainer to continue when ‘Ferocious’ Williams steps back into the ring.

“I expect him to even better his performance in this fight coming up. His last fight was a very good fight to watch and that type of fight is in my office.

“I’ve added a few little things to his game but I haven’t had much time with him, maybe just five weeks. He’s got a great engine though and listens to anything you tell him to do so it’s exciting times.”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95