Mauricio Sulaiman column: Tim Hague / Daniel Franco progress / Mismatch card / Instant Replay

WBC 21/06/2017

This week, we all celebrated “Father’s Day” and with the modern world of communications most, if not all of us received, sent, and shared countless messages, photos, videos, and memes with this topic.

I was surprised by my daughter as she baked me a delicious cake and spent a great day with my mom, my wife and my three kids. Later at night I was able to find a quiet corner and time to think of my hero, my dear father who is no longer with us, but is at all times present in my heart and mind.

I was also thinking about the lives of so many who live day after day with a current difficulty and can’t enjoy their fathers, or the fathers who can’t enjoy their families. All of those brave men serving in the armed forces protecting humanity, those who are sick, those who have jobs that keep them abroad, those incarcerated, etc.…

We must be thankful to God for every moment we have and enjoy it and live it at its full. My wife and I are trying to implement mandatory family times every single day with NO cell phones, games or TV. Just one hour a day. Try it. Your life will change, and most importantly, the lives of everyone else.

The boxing world has been shaken once again with a tragedy in the ring. Tim Hague passed away yesterday after a knockout loss in Canada. Our prayers and empathy go to his family and friends. He was a beloved elementary school teacher who had retired from UFC after suffering a concussion several years ago.

Could this tragedy be prevented? There is a need to look into the specifics of this case and every case in which there is severe injury.

It is in the hands of all of us in boxing to work together and minimize, as much as possible, the risks of injury in boxing. Just last week I wrote about this: matchmakers and promoters, trainers and family, local boxing commissions, governing bodies, media, and even fans can be of help to minimize risk.

This past Friday, June 16, in Tijuana, Mexico, a boxing card was promoted at Salon Mezzanine by “Borizteca Boxing.” Every single fight was a mismatch,and  topping it all was Mexican Olympian superstar Joselito Velazquez (2-0) fighting Rogelio Armenta – Armenta’s record is 0-20!!!!!!! This happened and Joselito has a very well-known manager, Frank Espinoza, who should know better after managing so many world champions like Israel Vazquez and todays Oscar Valdez.

Looking at the bout sheet and see Blue Corner and the records. Those fans simply went to see how each fight would end, and not who would win.

The Tijuana commission, promoter Borizteca, and every single person involved in this criminal act should be ashamed and put on notice.

Some good news came from Daniel Franco’s family as he continues to recover, and great signs of improvement continue to happen every day. As medication is taken away, Daniel is giving signs of consciousness, even signaling “thumbs up.” The boxing community has united in prayers and support, and will continue to do so.

It was an active card at the Mandalay Bay, tainted by controversies. I was not able to watch the card, as I was in my son’s high school graduation. I followed on Twitter, however – it was certainly burning my hands with the so many comments about Rigondeaux’ punches after the bell and Ward’s knockout win with thousands of replays of the action.

Once again – INSTANT REPLAY.

I had a wonderful visit through Europe. It was a great trip in which I was able to hold very important meetings and special visits, which I will report in full during this week’s reports. However, just as recap, you will find some of the memories from this journey listed here:

  • European Boxing Union Annual Congress – Brussels
  • WBC Board Members Meeting – Brussels
  • Hublot / WBC Global Partnership Meeting – Geneva
  • WBC Amateur Committee Meeting – Geneva
  • Italian Boxing Federation Meeting – Rome
  • WBC International Championship Committee – Rome
  • Pontix Foundation “Scholas Ocurrentes” Meeting – Rome