Five of the most thrilling fights in boxing history

WBN 21/06/2017

Boxing has come out as one of the most thrilling in the entire realm of sports entertainment.

Although fans love the brutality and hype that comes with two warriors battling it out in the ring; the action is real. In the past years, battles have been fought by the greatest in the sport, those who have made the headlines.

Sports critics and analysts have ranked boxing bouts based on the impact they had and still have on the boxing world. Most of those fights made world renowned boxers and thus worth mentioning. The same way gamers can’t stop talking about Paddy Power free slots online experience with which they can have their fun without depositing cash.

Below are some of the most thrilling matches in the boxing history:

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier III, 1975

The two heavy weights were tied at 1-1 after their last two fights and this was the deciding fight on who between them is the best. The great fight was labeled «Thrilla in manila». It was Ali who won this match when Frazier’s side threw in the towel after the 14th round. It is considered as one the greatest fights of all time in boxing history.

Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Tommy Hearns, 1981

Fighting the undefeated Hearns, Sugar Ray had a lot to prove in order to come out as the winner. The WBC and WBA titles were on the line. For the first 12 rounds, Hearns dominated the fight and was up before Sugar Ray brought the fight to him and took him down in the 14th round to win it all.

Rocky Marciano vs. Jersey Joe Walcott, 1952

Marciano set a record of 49-0 in boxing history. But it was his bout with Walcott, which made his career in boxing one to admire. It was a title match and Marciano would have a fight of his life. He was a man of the ages where Walcott even knocked him out with heavy punches, but Marciano stood up to fight more. If it went to decision, Walcott would have definitely won it. But it did not come to that as Marciano would drop him cold in the 13th round to win the title.

Larry Holmes vs. Ken Norton, 1978

It was a battle that would end up to decision. The two heavy weights took it to the other and after 14th round, they were even. It was the 15th round that would decide who would come out on top. Larry Holmes proved to be the better fighter when he went off on Norton to win the match.

Aaron Pryor vs. Alex Arguello, 1982

Arguello was a decorated fighter and Pryor knew that he was in for a fight of his career. The odds had it that Arguello would take the day in this historic matchup. However, Pryor came out swinging and won by a technical knockout after the referee stopped the fight.