Exclusive: Niall Farrell books place at World Amateur Championships, goes for Euro bronze this week

Joe Hewlett 20/06/2017

Niall Farrell is one of the brightest prospects in the UK and has bagged himself a ticket to Germany for the World Championships in August.

Not bad considering it was his first time representing Team GB at a major event. The flyweight admitted to initial nerves, but was motivated to follow his fellow team members in succeeding.

“Coming out to Ukraine, it’s my first major for Team GB and was obviously nervous as all the lads had boxed and all won. I think we’re on thirteen wins and zero losses, so each time someone’s winning it gives you that extra bit of nerves when stepping in the ring,” Farrell exclusively told World Boxing News.

“It’s just the way you deal with it, I was speaking to some of the lads my aim was to qualify for the World Championships and once I’ve done that I want to take every medal possible that I can get my hands on and I’m on the way to doing those things now.”

“On Thursday I took on a kid called Reece McFadden, who has been to the Commonwealth Games and is a very good lad. I got drawn against him and I got in there and done what I normally do and that’s just box,” he laughed.

The Brummie has revealed his appreciation to the ever-growing set of fans that are following Farrell’s journey around the world.

“Me and my Dad have been working together since I was young and we have worked hard so it’s great to begin to get such a good following.

“It feels like I am now getting the recognition after beating top fighters all over the world and that’s what it’s all about as obviously, you want to get as big as following as you can get because the bigger the following, the more chance you have of getting noticed and then things come easier.”

“You have the likes of Russia and all the other top countries about and the UK are putting them to shame and whitewashing every nation. I couldn’t pick a better job, the job that I’m doing is something I love. I’m going around the world with top kids, brilliant lads and we have some great times, that’s what it’s all about and it’s showing in our results.”

“Since winning the ABA’s, I then went to Uzbekistan for a training camp to get ready for my WSB and since then my boxing has took off. I have fought very, very tough kids, known worldwide, but me being who I am, I’m not a*sed if you are a four-time world champion – I’m going to get in there and knock your head off,” he added with brimming confidence.

Farrell is set to fight next on Wednesday with the chance of winning at least a Bronze medal in the European Championships.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95