Exclusive: Eubank Jr. is open to Saunders rematch after Abraham

Joe Hewlett 20/06/2017

Lawrence Lustig

Chris Eubank Jr and Billy Joe Saunders’ rivalry goes way back to when the pair first fought, with the latter victorious via a split decision.

Nearly three years on and still neither can resist swiping digs at each other.

The pair exchanged messages on Twitter recently with Saunders stating, ‘I put pen to paper twice you pulled out ha both got fights coming up after them we see who has a pen ready.’

Eubank Jr has revealed he is willing to accept Saunders’ challenge after his next fight.

“I’m there ready and waiting but I can’t take too much into what that kid says because he’s said it all before and I’ve heard it so many times before – He wants a payday and at this stage of his career he’s starving. He’s gone,” Eubank Jr. exclusively told World Boxing News.

“There’s so little in terms of options for him and he’s lost so much credibility and respect amongst the boxing world with just one fight in the last year-and-a-half, I don’t know how he still has his world title.

“He’s literally in a situation where he’s got no other options, I’m sure he gets hounded each and every day when he walks out of his house with people asking, ‘when you going to fight Eubank?’ Everyone knows who’s holding it up, him and Frank Warren.

“He said what he said, we’ll see what happens, I’m ready to fight him at any time, it’s just when he decides to grow a pair and give the public what they want,” he added.

The man from Brighton is set to defend his IBO super-middleweight crown against Arthur Abraham but has refused to dismiss the chance returning to middleweight if the right offer comes his way.

“Boxing is a sport of opportunities, you take whatever opportunity comes your way and that’s what I’m doing. After this fight with Abraham, if the right opportunity comes at super-middleweight then that’s the fight I’m going to take but at the same time there’s a lot of great fights to be made at middleweight so whatever fight comes first then I’m there.

“I’m a natural middleweight but I’ve just gotta wait and see, I’m open to all fights at both weights,” he added.

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