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Ardash Sahaghian’s life remembered and celebrated over Father’s Day weekend

On this occassion, we extend our deepest gratitude to family, friends, neighbors and business associates for the outpouring of love and support. Your messages, flowers, and presence have been appreciated at a time when we look back with both sorrow and grattiude to celebrate the life of this great man.

According to Armenian tradition, the 7th day after a burial is significant. As a bittersweet coincidence, Ardash’s yotnoreg also happens to be the weekend of Father’s Day. We have spent the past week telling stories and remembering the lessons taught by his living example. We’ve also felt the love and respect of so many.

Within our boxing community, messages of sympathy were received from associates far and wide. As one touching gesture, the WBA issued a resolution in Panama on June 7, 2017, upholding the legacy of the “Master Craftsman.” We offer heartfelt thanks to the leadership at the IBF, WBA, WBC, and Gleason’s Gym for honoring Ardash and his family.

Ardash’s life was celebrated and returned to the Earth in as dignified and respectful a way as we think he would’ve liked. A photo exhibit of loving family functions and proud moments as a craftsman brought all attendees closer to Ardash’s spirit. The prayer cards included a story he loved to tell and one that was indicative of his character (see image below).

His grandson and President of SARTONK, Edward S. Majian, and SARTONK Director of Operations, Hasmig Tatiossian, read eulogies that revealed the man’s character: his devotion to family, his craft, and his principles. He had a clear inner compass that distinguised right from wrong. He built himself up from nothing in every country in which he and his family lived. President of the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, Henry Hascup, spoke about the Ardash he knew and rung the final “9 Count” bell. His body was buried peacefully on a sunny Friday morning surrounded by the prayers of loved ones.

In his footsteps, to affirm life and feed hungry creatures, all those present distributed bird seeds around the gravesite. This would surely have made Ardash smile.