Exclusive: Eubank Jr. blasts ‘first choice’ DeGale, promises to be too much for Abraham

Joe Hewlett 16/06/2017

Mark Robinson

Chris Eubank Jr set to make his maiden defence of the IBO super-middleweight world title against Arthur Abraham on July 15.

The bout will take place at the Wembley Arena and the 27-year-old has recently just returned to the UK after promoting the fight in Germany.

Eubank admits it was a rather dull affair.

“I went over there to get a bit of hype to surround the fight in Germany and to be honest, it was pretty boring,” Eubank Jr. exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Being in a press-conference with a guy who doesn’t speak any English made it boring because you can’t talk to the guy, you can’t banter with him. If you want to try and spark up a bit of hype and excitement then you can’t do it because he’s got someone next to him translating everything he’s saying and it doesn’t gel right so I had to just go through the motions.”

The face of ITV Boxing has insisted that James DeGale was his first choice of opponent but will settle for former two-weight world champion in Abraham before targeting huge domestic showdowns.

“Everybody knows I wanted DeGale, that was the fight we wanted but he doesn’t want it, it’s as simple as that. Arthur Abraham is a true warrior and fights anybody and everybody so it was a natural progression after we realised we couldn’t get DeGale. He’s highly ranked so it makes sense.

I asked Jr, ‘How do you beat Abraham?’

He replied in vintage Eubank fashion:

“The question isn’t how I beat him, it’s how he beats me. And the answer is, he doesn’t. There’s no way I can lose this fight, I’m too hungry, too young, too fast, too strong – it’s my time. He’s had his time and now it’s mine – He’s had a great career but what I’m going to bring on the night is just going to be too much for him.

“Boxing’s a 24-hour job, it’s a lifestyle not a sport, you gotta live it and that’s what I do. Anybody who follows me on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, they know I live it,” he added.

Look out for more from the exclusive interview with Chris Eubank Jr. on WBN soon.

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