Al Franco gives encouraging update on stricken son Daniel as Go Fund Me page tops $36k

WBN 16/06/2017

Daniel Franco’s condition has shown sight signs of improvement this week as father Al continues to update the boxing world on his son’s progress.

In a social post, also sent to WBN, Al stated Daniel is on less sedation than previously and has moved for the very first time since his tragic fight against Jose Haro.

The latest post read:

“Another good night for my beautiful son Daniel. His brain has shifted to its normal position which is at the center of his head and all his vital signs are strong and holding,” said Al.

“Doctor’s lowered the dosages of medications he’s on to allow him to come out of his coma a little more. They removed one tube from his head and he reacted by clinching his fist. This was his first sign of movement seen so this is very exciting to see.

“Everything looks promising thanks to God, the doctors & nurses at Mercy Medical Hospital and of course all of you.

“Thank you for the tremendous support financially and spiritually. Please continue to share, pray and remember his name, keep these positive vibes going.

“Our deepest gratitude from all of us. Thank you. Love you all

“Al, Teresa, Michael, Vanessa, Nicholas and Daniel.”

Further good news from Daniel’s donation page through Go Fund Me shows the sum now hitting over $35,000 of what the Franco family originally put as their target.

On the page, Al explained why they asked for just $1,000 to begin with.

“Ok everyone, Daniel suffered head trauma in his fight in iowa and he had to have emergency surgery.

“He had two small veins that were bleeding and the doctors were able to take care of them. He is in a medically induced coma and we will have more information soon.

“This Go Fund Me account is needed to help with current and future expenses. We do not have any idea of what we are looking at financially so we are only asking for a small amount.

“Please share this as much as possible. He will be here at best case scenario for weeks before he will be able to be moved.

“We have a lot to prepare for mentally, and unfortunately, financially. Thank you all and please keep him in your prayers.”

To make a donation to Daniel’s recovery visit the page here