Exclusive: Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan discusses Eubank Jr. v Abraham

Joe Hewlett 15/06/2017

Lawrence Lustig

Chris Eubank Jr will make a first defence of his IBO super-middleweight title when he takes on veteran Arthur Abraham.

The fight will take place at the Wembley Arena on 15 July and ITV will once again deliver the event on their Box Office platform.

One man who is in position to make a prediction is Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan. The middleweight fought Eubank Jr back in 2015, losing after his corner threw the towel in round seven and has praised the former foe, predicting him to defeat the former world champion.

“He’s the fittest fighter in the world. Whenever I used to see Nick Blackwell in the gym I always thought he was very well conditioned and extremely fit but Eubank is another level.,” Spike exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Arthur Abraham is naturally the bigger man and has a similar boxing style to me, he has the power to knock Eubank out. But if he can’t land any big shots in the early rounds then I think he’s in trouble and I expect Jr to win as he has his youth and fitness on side – It’s a great fight.”

O’Sullivan, from Cork, reflected on his defeat to Eubank Jr and admitted he thought the 27-year-old would contain more explosive power than what he actually possesses.

“When I fought him, I expected him to have more power, with him having the longer reach and being taller. Don’t get me wrong though, he is very impressive.

“After bursting my ear drum in round two, it was a struggle. The problem was I begun to start losing my vision in the middle rounds and every time I tried hitting him, I’d miss whilst he would be connecting with every punch.

“My trainer told me before round seven that if I couldn’t land a big shot then I would be pulled out and it was a good job he did because we’ve seen what can happen with the likes of Blackwell so it was definitely the right decision.”

Spike mocked Eubank’s father, English, last year in a video which was posted on social media and went viral. He has refused to rule out releasing another in the foreseeable future.

“Everybody keeps asking me when I’m going to do some more, so I think I’m going to have to. It was a good laugh. There’s a competition coming up in Ireland where the best impression wins a prize so I may enter and upload another one of English on Twitter,” he added with laughter.

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