Exclusive: Mayweather v McGregor u-turn, now approved for August 26

In a further twist, WBN has been informed that the on-off Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor fight is back on for a date of August 26 in Las Vegas.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission initially added the date in question to their upcoming professional calender as Mayweather Promotions were reportedly gearing up to host the event at the boxing capital.

McGregor had also revealed on social media a big announcement was on it’s way, whilst details of the event on the NSAC website showed the date being booked in.

This is how it looked on Monday:


Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Bob Bennett was asked for his view by WBN on the date being requested by Mayweather’s company.

“According to our website, Mayweather Promotions has submitted requests for events on June 20, July 29 and August 26, 2017,” Bennett exclusively confirmed to World Boxing News on Tuesday morning.

“Additionally, Mayweather and McGregor have not received a boxing license for 2017,” he added.

In an update on Tuesday, Bennett revealed Mayweather had pulled August 26 after the event became public knowledge. Bennett added that the fight was now off a planned meeting on Wednesday.

“Nothing has changed in reference to their licenses; and yes Mayweather Promotions has pulled their event request for August 26. Mayweather v McGregor will not be on the agenda for tomorrow’s commission meeting,” Bennett exclusively told World Boxing News in a further revelation on the situation at hand.

This is how the NSAC calender then looked:

Late on Tuesday things changed again, with Mayweather once again asking the NSAC to consider the date, which was quickly re-added to the Wednesday conference.

Bennett has since told WBN on Wednesday that all is now good with the original offering.

“Mayweather Promotions requested to be back on the agenda and was approved for August 26. There’s no change in reference to licenses for Mayweather or McGregor,” Bennett exclusively told World Boxing News.

The saga still seems set to run and run as Mayweather is still yet to sign his portion of the agreement, whilst the eager McGregor agreed his deal last month.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay