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Home » Pictured: Bad Blood as Karo Murat v Dominic Boesel almost goes off at Dresden presser

Pictured: Bad Blood as Karo Murat v Dominic Boesel almost goes off at Dresden presser

At the press conference this week, both fighters showed their desire to win was strong and almost came to blows.

murat bosel ECB 1

This is what Karo Murat had to say:

Murat, on July 1, you will meet in Dresden Dominic Bösel. It’s about the European light heavyweight. How do you assess the duel?

“I see myself having clear advantage. Dominic has not boxed the names I have. I’ve never heard some of the names he’s fought before. Perhaps the most famous name was Tony Averlant and he was dispatched by Brahmer in two rounds.

“Dominic has 12 rounds to win but I think he and his promoter will regret that they have chosen me as an opponent. I’ve had a different grade of boxers on my list. Dominic has overestimated himself. “

Those are strong words. At the press conference you could feel already that a certain tension lives between the two of you. I take it you are not best friends?

“I am a sportsman. I respect each of those that steps in the ring. That takes courage. I also respect Dominic Boesel but this does not change the fact that I do not like the way Dominic and his team conduct themselves.

“As old stories are brought up and tales of a low blow during training, I can only laugh as it’s easy for me and it shows that the team Boesel have much nervousness.

“Slowly Dominic understands that he will not be fighting against a handpicked opponent in the ring.”

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You have already boxed against superstars like Bernard Hopkins, Sullivan Barrera and even with Nathan Cleverly. In all duels, unfortunately you could not get the win, is this a worry at the top level?

“I may not have won but I have stood up against these names as a man. Dominic would not have lasted until the end or maybe even shared the ring with such names.

“I have learned from every fight. You can only be the best and get to when to box the best. These are experiences that Dominic did not have and that will be my advantage.

A win over Dominic Boesel could see you have some big fights?

“That’s right. And that’s why I prepare myself meticulously with my coach and my team Bramowski on the battle front. I will clearly show who is the better boxer.

“I will knock him out in front of his fans. It is a step on the way from a big fight for me.”

You are now 33 years old. Your opponent 27 years old. A disadvantage?

“No way. I feel better and stronger than five years ago. I’ve had a very good preparation behind me.

“We have laid the perfect foundations and I am conditionally placed to go the full distance at a fast pace. I will drive him into a corner and I will not need 12 rounds,” added Murat.